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The project EVOLVE „European Values of social Life and Vocational Integration“ emphasizes the need for promoting European values to enhance social inclusion and economic integration.

The EVOLVE project consortium includes project coordinator Le Monde des Possibles, Belgium and 4 partners Paragon Limited, Malta; KIST Consult, Austria; Instituto para el fomento del desarrollo y la formación S.L, Spain and Stiftelsen Mangfold i arbeidslivet, Norway.

Migrants of all cultures, interested to adapt for social inclusion and workplace integration as per European Values and having at least EQF level A2 proficiency in host language

EVOLVE project is scheduled for 24 months with the following activities:

  • Comparative analysis of of cross-cultural European values in all partner countries
  • Development of the EVOLVE training program for career guidance (theory and practice) and sustainable tailor-made training
  • Development of the ‚Values Navigator‘ Digital Training Platform for Learning via APPs in 6 languages
  • Development of the EVOLVE career guidance training evaluation (including EQF and ECVET-recognition)
  • EVOLVE methodolgy guidelines for “Career Guidance for Migrants” in each country for training implementation, evaluation, examination and dissemination
  • Project management and implementation comprising quality control measures (monitoring) to ensure timely implementation as per allocated budget.

Project Result

Values Navigator' Digital Training Platform
Training Handbook based on ECVET
EVOLVE methodology guidelines


The expected results of the EVOLVE project are:

  • EVOLVE Survey for Comparative needs analysis of Migrants’s integration in the European job market
  • Conceptualisation, design and creation of a EVOLVE digital training platform and Information Career guidance program via APPs based on the survey outputs
  • Organising educational visits for Migrants to real work spaces for exploring carrier opportunities in each country
  • Organising of Internship – opportunity for practical work in a chosen company in each country
  • Development of EVOLVE career guidance plan (based on EQF & ECVET recognition) evolving from the study analysis and based on the needs of the Migrants to help them carve out their tailor-made path of education for their wished job.
  • EVOLVE methodolgy guidelines for career guidance
  • Manual for Project Quality Management and Evaluation Strategy
  • Several marketing/dissemination and exploitation/valorisation initiatives and outcomes.

About The Project

Europe is facing difficulties in integrating the refugees and providing them with employability skills and jobs. Migrants face daily problems of social integration, differences of values and culture, difficulty in financing their lives, and as a result at risk of marginalisation. Against the background of demographic changes through migration, some countries in Europe exhibit tendency for social-economical-political instability and even violence.

A priority for VET education is to innovate and develop a suitable educational offer for migrants to promote EU values and to ensure that they improve their language skills, enhance their employability skills and in consequence, find jobs easier.

The project EVOLVE emphasizes the need for promoting European values to enhance social inclusion and economic integration.

  • comparative analysis of cross-cultural European values in the partner countries  – with emphasis on migrants’ integration in the European job market and their social inclusion.
  • Conceptualization, design and creation of the ‚Values Navigator‘ Digital Training Platform for Learning via APPs in 6 languages  (in EN, DE, FR, MT, NO and ES),
  • Exposure Visits and various interface for Social Inclusion (social, art, theatre, sport, culture, religion, etc.)
  • Job-Shadowing for Migrants in real organisations
  • A tailor-made Career guidance plan including self diagnostic tool, assessment, training program, educational visits, job-shadowing and certification (including EQF and ECVET-recognition)
  • Methodolgy guidelines for implemation of the career guidance program

National and European dissemination on EVOLVE products.



APPs & Training

Welcome to the ‘Values Navigator’ Digital Training Platform for Learning via APPs

Do you like to see our EVOLVE video? Serious Use of a Serious Game for learning about Values and Culture!

Do you want to learn and win at the same time?
Click here on APPS and TRAINING and you can start!



Partner Info

The EVOLVE project is being implemented by the Project Coordinator MDP (BE) and 4 partners KIST (AT), PARAGON (MT), MIA (NO) and INFODEF (ES).

    KIST Consult
    Mr. Raj Sethia
    Karawankenblickstrasse 193,
    AT-9020 Klagenfurt, Austria


    Le Monde des Possibles
    Mr. Didier Van der Meeren
    Rue des Champs 97, BE-4020
    Liege. Belgium


    Paragon Ltd.
    Ms. Laura Trevisan
    Constitution Street 183,
    MT-9052, Malta


    Stiftelsen Mangfold i
    Ms. Eli Kristin Langset
    PB 4634 Sofienberg, NO-0506
    Oslo, Norway


    Instituto para el
    fomento del desarrollo
    y la formación S.L
    Mr. Jesus Boyano
    c/ Alonso Berruguete 6,
    ES-47003 Valladolid, Spain